Miss Julia Taylor


Good old fashioned manners and respect are a must with Miss Taylor, in fact, could even be called one of Miss Taylor's Fetishes.

There is nothing more delightful  than a gentleman who knows how to treat a lady and is always impeccably mannered.

Ensure you are humble in your approach, as poor manners shall not be tolerated.

Do contiue to read the information below prior to contacting Mistress Julia Taylor.


Do familiarise yourself with Miss Julia Taylor expectations before initiating contact.

• If we are not acquainted initiate contact via telephone or email, not TXT. This facility is available for acquainted clientele ONLY.

Miss Taylor will only offer you an appointment if you are above the age of 21.  

• For same day appointments please contact via telephone and prior to 1pm of that day.

It is imperative you confirm your attendance, the morning of your appointment before the time stipulated when putting your appointment in place. Failure to confirm shall result in your appointment being canclled.

 • If you are unable to attend your appointment, it is only good manners to inform Miss Taylor to reschedule or cancel , 24 hours notice of cancelation is required on advance bookings. Failure to do so will mean a non refundable deposit shall be required if you wish to make a further appointment. 

  • Be on time!.
Please inform Miss Taylor if you are running late. After 15mins past your appointment time, you will be considered a 'No Show' if you have not been in touch.

 • Initial appointments are a limited max of 2hrs. Your are most welcome to extend your stays once we become acquainted.

• Arrive to your appointment well groomed and impeccably clean. Miss Taylor expects a high standard of personal hygiene and will not except anything less.

Do not arrive for your appointment under the influence of drink or drugs. This will result in you being sent AWAY.

• Gifts for Miss Taylor are always indeed welcomed. If you wish to purchase a gift for Miss Taylor please click here to view Miss Taylor's Amazon wish list .

Miss Taylor encourages open and honest communications, this how ever does not mean she partakes in excessive telephone, text chat or emails, (There is a facility for this).
You shall be informed if this arises and failure to acknowledge this will result in you being blocked.


The material on this site is considered sexually oriented and/or explicit, which certain people may find offensive or obscene.

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